Tank and The Bangas


Facts: the body naturally heals and renews itself all the time. 98% of all atoms are replaced in less than a year, we get new stomach lining every 5 days, new skin every month, new liver every 6 weeks, new brain cells every year, NEW BLOOD EVERY 120 days. Optimal health is our birthright.


Dried Blood Cell Analysis

      Dried Blood Analysis is a technique that allows the practitioner to get a glance at the health of the body. This is done by looking closely through a microscope at eight small drops of blood. By examining the drying patterns of the blood, the practitioner is given information on potential conditions in the body. Each sample of blood will dry differently and each formation is symptomatic of a different health related conditions. This is a screening not a diagnosis.

     Because blood regenerates every 120 days, Dried Blood Analysis can assess and reveal a great deal about what’s been happening in your body. Blood also carries much of the body's history and ancestral legacy. After starting a care regimen, it is best to wait 120 days due to bloods regenerative qualities before getting another DBCA.  


How it works:

-There will be a client information form that you will receive along with a lancet waiver.
-With the lancet, 6-8 drops of blood will be taken and put on a slide.
-Sample will be left to dry (this is where the coagulation takes place)
-The practitioner will examine the sample, identifying patterns associated with  specific conditions under the microscope.

* If you would like to have a better understanding of the DBCA process, I encourage you to look up the fundamentals which are: ROTS (Reactive Oxygen Toxic Species), DIC (Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation) and Endotoxins



The exchange for a DBCA is $175. However, we are currently running an introductory special for $100 until Winter Solstice (2018) . The analysis includes the procedure, a PDF file of your results and a follow up visit where we discusses the findings and possible care regimens in person, via phone or skype.   

Commonly Asked Question

Q: Do you have to be a doctor to perform DBCA?

A: No you do not, certifications are available nationally and internationally.   


Q: Are my results a diagnosis?

A: No they are not, they are an evaluation of your systems and how they are functioning. We have multiple forms of healers; herbalist, iridologist, reflexologist, reiki masters, Chi Gong   kemetic yoga teachers, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, Ayurveda practitioner and Western medicine practitioners, to name a few. I like to work in conjunction with all of them.


Q: Why and where did you get certified?

A: I choose to get certified so that I would have an independent way of tracking my personal health and the health of my family/community.  I received my certification through the Michigan Institute of Health and Wellness.  If you are interested in certification, contact them.