I’m so happy you are interested in starting your sisterlock journey.  Please review the basics below to set up a consultation


How it works:

First Visit: The Consultation

The exchange for the consultant is $75. This will be deducted from your balance,  should you decide to move forward. The hair is to be clean and product-free. We will do test locks and go through how to care for sisterlocks. After two shampooings with your test locks, usually done within 14-21 days, you will come back for an assessment. We will set up the “Locking Session” appointment, sign accompanying paperwork, and fulfill required deposits.


Second Visit: The Locking Session  

Locking sessions are aimed to be completed within a few days. A neck travel pillow is recommended along with any other items for comfort. You will receive a starter kit upon session completion.


Third Visit: Follow-up

A “Follow-Up” visit is included in your package. In this visit, your sisterlocks will be retightened and assessed. It is recommended that you schedule your first few retightening visits at 4-6 weeks intervals.   


A Free Sisterlock Information Session where we watch a video and discuss our hair journey is held bimonthly on the third Saturday morning via google hangouts. Please email if interested (9 person limit)    

Looking forward to creating with you!



Locking sessions start at $775  for up to 5 inches.

5 inches and above are an additional

$50 (low to average density hair) per additional inch

$100 (average to high density hair) per additional inch

*Currently ONLY doing establishments Sunday-Wednesday
& Consultations  Thursday- Saturday
*If you are transitioning from chemically processed hair to natural, at least 1 1/2" - 2" of new growth is necessary.
* 11" or more of hair will require 2 practitioners and custom pricing, please specify when you inquire.  


$125 for the first 4 hours, $25 per every additional hour. 

Please check out other practitioners in this area:

For more information checkout the and the Sisterlock YouTube channel