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     Honored that you are interested in having a "Share". Knowing that the journey is endless I can only "share" my experiences, for I too am always learning. Grateful to be in community, the sharing is circular, all of us growing together. Below are descriptions of each share. I recommend using these descriptions and titles for media.  Please complete the Request Form and review the contract. Please allow 7 business days for a response.  

Meet your Chart

  Astrology has always been part of African (the world) civilization. When the Dogon were asked by outsiders where they were from, they pointed to Sirius B, a star not visible by the human eye. It was not until 1970 that scientist with the help of the telescope discovered that indeed there was a star where they pointed.

    Astrology is one's cosmic DNA. The sun sign represents the ego and destiny, the moon sign, the emotional self, Mercury, the way one communicates/thinks, and so forth. Traditionally, this spiritual work was done at the time of birth. Creating a community well equipped to raise the child. We will discuss the fundamentals of the Elements, Modalities, Planets and the 12 Signs and Houses. Giving one the tools to continue self discovery of their chart.

Intro to Fertility Awareness Method

     Wanting birth control without hormones? Have been trying to achieve or go full term with a pregnancy? All of this begins with first becoming aware of your fertility. Every month the female body prepares itself for conception. The fertilization time window is only 24 hours, one week when you include the property of sperm.

     In our share, we will learn how to read our body's fertility signs, which will allow us to optimize that week for achieving or avoiding pregnancy. We will also briefly talk about detoxing the body from hormonal birth control and herbs that can help with the full spectrum of fertility (conception, implantation preventers, pregnancy, abortion).

The 4 Essentials of Postpartum Healing

“Examples of postpartum resting traditions:
-In Mexico: the ‘Cuarentena’ = 40 days of rest
-In China: ‘Zuo Yue Zi’ or ‘doing the month’ = 30 days of rest
-In Somalia: ‘Afantanbah’= 40 days of rest
-In Korea: ‘Samchilil’= 21 days of rest
-In India’s Ayurvedic Tradition= ‘The Sacred Window’=42 days of rest

The list could go on, and on and on........”-Rachelle Garcia Seliga

        Innately, there has always been a great respect for women, that process of birth and new life. The woman's birth cycle mirrors that of the earth. Observe the seasons; There is a time for work and a time for rest. Why would our cycle be any different?

After birth (postpartum) is the woman's “winter,” a time to rest.  We will discuss the 4 essentials of postpartum healing and the science of how and why it works. This 6-week rest or lack thereof will determine the woman's long-term well being and vitality.

What is your blood saying?

Blood tells the story of our legacy. Knowing what it says can be a powerful tool in the healing arts. This low invasive method allows a practitioner to read the blood and see what conditions (stresses) are accruing in the body (this is a screening, not a diagnosis). After receiving the results of any blood work via the hospital, clinic or a DBCA practitioner, the next question is, "What do I do now?"

Intuitive and herbal healing, using tools like crystals and astrology, just to name a few, have  been part of our birthrights for ages.  In our session, we will discuss the history and current state of Dried Blood Cell Analysis (DBCA) and further discuss how to implement the herbal supports recommended for certain parts and systems of the body.

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