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No one is exempt from mercury retrograde, made a mistake with the dates in the "transit" section.  

All happening while we are "ascen-DANCING"  

April 14th:
Mars sextiles Neptune
creative impulses and ideas will be in the air.

Jupiter conjuncts Pluto  
representing the expansion of our subconscious (shadow self)

April 15th:
Mercury goes Direct, outside communication (electronics, contracts, fucking talking to other people in any kind of way) will start to get better. Mercy will leave its shadow May 4 (all outside communication a go, with ease).  

NEW MOON IN ARIES!!!!!!!!!!!!   
(new moon magic, new moon magic, new moon magic)

Each sign gets one "new moon" a year and one "full moon" a year. Sewing intentions in the New Moon and observing the progress in the light of the Full Moon. This is our first new moon of the year (learn more about that in the Astro Audio). It's all about new beginnings. It’s time to become friends with your shadow side (specify some of the ugly parts like doubt) so that you can be and live your most AUTHENTIC self, it’s time. DANCE DANCE DANCE tonight but within the next 3 days (15th-17th). Observe the challenging side, your shadow self, how can you realign yourself with that energy. Basically, who are you in your most authentic self, it's time to be all of that for the service of your destiny………..  and ritualize (write, do offerings, sexual tantric acts) about how your spirit acts in the reality of who you are. (more)  

Aries energy is also responsible for the pure sweat and friction of sex, powerful energy............... 

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