Yemanya by  Marcus Akinlana

Yemanya by Marcus Akinlana

“Examples of Postpartum Resting Traditions:
-In Mexico: the ‘Cuarentena’ = 40 days of rest
-In China: ‘Zuo Yue Zi’ or ‘doing the month’ = 30 days of rest
-In Somalia: ‘Afantanbah’= 40 days of rest
-In Korea: ‘Samchilil’= 21 days of rest
-In India’s Ayurvedic Tradition= ‘The Sacred Window’ = 42 days of rest
The list could go on, and on and on........”
— Rachelle Garcia Seliga
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          Forever grateful to the founder of Innate Postpartum Care, Rachelle Garcia Seliga. Also,  RaShaunda Lugrand of  Intune Mother  for making the opportunity feasibly possible. After a friend's birth, I remember asking energetically, “Where are the elders?”  Rachelle helped put into words what I saw missing in community and why I felt a void. Innately, there has always been a great respect for women, that process of birth, and new life. The woman's birth cycle mirrors that of the earth.

Observe the seasons; there is a time for work and a time for rest. Why would our cycle be any different? After birth (postpartum) is the woman's “winter,” a time to rest. This 6-week rest or lack thereof will determine the woman's long-term well being and vitality.  As a certified Innate Postpartum Care provider, you will receive the best care possible. With intentions set for optimal rejuvenation, you will be in the best of health to raise your child(ren) for many moons.  


For items with an asterisk symbol (*), description of services can be found below under the “Shrine” heading. While the packages have been gathered with great intention, you are welcomed to go to the Shrine and create what is needed. I am willing to travel the world, however, for appointments outside the New Orleans Metro area, full customization of package, additional travel and accommodation expenses will apply.


Know Thyself

         This is for the Mama who wants to know the 4 essentials of postpartum healing and will self apply treatments or collaborate with community members. This share will be 3 hours long and you can invite up to 3 community members. The first 2 hours are communal. The last hour is private; Mama and I will do some self care techniques.  Includes a care package. We flourish.



Ancient Ways

           This is for the Mama who wants to awaken ancestral memory. Bathed by communal love and support, We all flourish.  

-Know Thyself Informative
-Creation of a postpartum meal plan
- 4 afterbirth visits (up to 2 hours) with heat treatments and other ancient techniques.
- ReWombed* (2 hours)
- Mama & Seed Community Reveal Ceremony*



Ancient Futuristic

This is for the Mama who knows she is a vessel that moves our lineage forward. She honors the future and past in the present meditation. Bathed in communal love and support, We all flourish.  

-Know Thyself Informative
-Creation of a postpartum meal plan
- 6 after birth visits with heat treatments and other ancient techniques.
- Mama & Seed Community Reveal Ceremony*
- “Meet Their Chart” Reading*
-Creation of Affirmations*  (2 hours)



~Yoni steams $115
~Moxibustion $115
~Castor oil pack $115
-Creation of a postpartum meal plan $115

*Rewombed $240
It’s rooted in the Rebozo Closing of the hips, giving Mama Moons  a gift for completing the cycle into motherhood.  This is preceded by a wellness bath for Mama and Seed. A partner of your choice is recommended to accompany you.  (2 hours) 


*Creation of Affirmations $65
(2 hours, co-created and done via phone, Skype, etc)

           Both Mama and Seed are in very open states. Seeds are still in between words (mostly sleeping) and brain waves are in delta. This is the perfect time to speak affirming mantras over them. It will go directly to their subconscious and rest in the soul. Mama Moons, this, too, is a new beginning for you; Affirming yourself and aligning with your new life flow will add grace to this transformation.


*Mama & Seed Community Reveal Ceremony $390
For Mamas, the giving of life is an initiation and without formal acknowledgment from her community, it is incomplete. We gather around to tell her and the seed job well done, we acknowledge her transformation and reintroduce the family into the community.


*Seed “Meet Their Chart” reading  by donation
Traditionally, in many cultures, days passed before the naming of the seed took place. This was due to the many spiritual rituals that were done on behalf of the seed. One of them being the creation and viewing of the birth chart. A birth (natal) chart is a picture of the heavens the moment one comes from the womb. Knowing your Seed’s birth chart will give you understanding of their essence and help with how to nourish them for their destiny.

*One service per visit; cost includes travel to your home