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audio songs: people get up and drive that funky soul, it’s your birthday & over the moon and under the sky
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May 4th New Moon in Taurus
May 19 Full Moon in Scorpio (was the only article up at the time, Scorpio, not surprising…lol)
UPDATE: View the Scorpio Full moon Chart here


Uranus in Taurus
Article 1
Article 2

May’s Weekly astrology horoscopes (articles)
May’s SUN sign horoscopes (video)  

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Honoring:  James Brown

Honoring: James Brown


“In this age of Aquarius, remember the earth models to us what it means to be transient, moving from one energy to the next. Change is constant, yet so are cycles and patterns. The Earth also mirrors divine masculinity and femininity. Showing dominance in one as we move form sign to sign. Yet, always walking with both, the ONENESS.” -safi

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Grow with us @  ascen.dance

Grow with us @ ascen.dance


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looking for an event space contact  Cafe Istanbul

looking for an event space contact Cafe Istanbul