From One Came Many....


Jamilla H. Webb BSN RN Birth Doula, gave antigravity an amazing ARTicle on how transformation can be birth out of pain and how when that transformation is put into action it is contagious. Read ARTicle here

North Node Astrology


Check out North Node Astrology by Elizabeth Spring. I find myself always sending this link to friends and clients. The south node in our chart represents the area and energy we feel comfortable in and the north node represents the area and energy that we are supposed to evolve into.  Here Ms. Spring elaborates on what I call the "180 degree spiritual walk" towards our north start (north node). 

Thesis on Twerking


Gabon's Ikoku dance to the Garifuna's Punta dance to New Orleans Twerking dance, we as people have always been connected to our root chakra. Check out this ARTicle where Fannie Sosa gives her thoughts about Twerking. (here ya go)