Capricorn Astro Audio, Shrine Documents and More

Capricorn  Astro Audio, Shrine Documents and More

Happy Birthday, Capricorn and Happy Capricorn season to us all! The Capricorn energy will be strongly with us until March 2020. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and is the hardest working sign of the zodiac. Hear from the Ascendance team about the work and lessons that go into this monthly celebration. What structures for longevity are you building? How do you take care of yourself while doing it? What lessons has this life thought you? Lets discuss that and more....

Virgo Astro Audio, Shrine Documents and More

Virgo Astro Audio, Shrine Documents and More

Happy Birthday Virgos!!!! This year has been non stop and now with the energy of Virgo, we are gifted with the vibes to process it all, whew. Here we will discuss our ancestors, change, health, virginity and so much more. Hope this blesses your soul’s journey.

Leo Astro Audio, Shrine Documents and More

Leo Astro Audio, Shrine Documents and More

Happy Birthday Leo’s and Happy 1 Year Anniversary Ascendance!!!!! Last year some of us where in other states viewing the Solar eclipse and this year we will feel the energy as we ascen-dance. What has happened from August 2017- August 2018? What changes are you making in regards to your souls (sol) progression? We will discuss the vitality of the sun, the 5th house and more…….

Spirit of the Orisha


Nana Sula Spirit has blessed us with the translations of our favorite Orisha songs. This book is accompanied with a CD by Zion Trinity, her vocal sistas.  Purchase the book and CD here


"The Spirit of the Orisha Book Project, written by Janet "Sula Spirit" Evans, contains full song lyrics to complement the CD project with translations and phonetics! Read about The Birth of the Spirit of the Orisha Project and more - each song section also includes a description of the Orisha's attributes."-zion trinity

From One Came Many....


Jamilla H. Webb BSN RN Birth Doula, gave antigravity an amazing ARTicle on how transformation can be birth out of pain and how when that transformation is put into action it is contagious. Read ARTicle here

Men AB


Learn how your brain works and how to change/rewrite the negative scripts in your subconscious. Purchase here


"Men Ab is a Kamitic (Ancient Egyptian) meditation system that activates and optimizes the prefrontal cortex of the brain. Men Ab will greatly enhance your performance in school, the job, your career, financial endeavors, relationships, healing, art, self improvement, success in your enterprises and spiritual quest due to the fact that the prefrontal cortex is in charge of your ability to plan, think abstractly, intuition, reason, social behavior, empathy, morality, to perceive the future consequences and implications of your actions, and psychic and spiritual powers. The prefrontal cortex corresponds to the Ajna (third eye) chakra of Yogic Science and the Khenti, the seat of man's divinity in Kamitic spirituality."