Together, we will have a one-on-one conversation about the magic of our Crown. We will discuss in depth the science of hair, perform hair and product testing, and prepare personal regimens for hair and basic temple (body) care.

    Crown Convos was birthed from the lips of clients. Questions like, “How does my hair look to you?” and “What should I be using for my hair?” revealed that there was a fundamental lack of client education in hair care.  So let's get talking!  Some may have hair but you wear a CROWN.    


How it works:

  • Crown Convos is day-long retreat service

  • Hair needs to be clean and product-free at least 24hrs before scheduled appointment. This will allow for optimal hair and scalp testing.

  • Please bring all hair products currently used in your hair regimen for pH testing.

  • You will receive a workbook upon arrival which we will go through section by section. After discussing the material, we’ll work through hands-on examples using your hair and other tools.



Winter 2019 we plan to debut Crown Convos. The exchange is $250. We will be running an introductory special of $175 for the first 6 months. If you are interested please email to be placed on the notification list.