Neru by  Paul Lewin

Neru by Paul Lewin


Spiritual Divination

    Astrology has always been part of African (the world) civilization. When the Dogon were asked by foreigners where they were from they pointed to Sirius B, a star not visible by the human eye. It was not until 1970 that scientist with the help of the telescope discovered that indeed there was a such star.

    Astrology is one's cosmic DNA. The sun sign represents the ego and destiny, the moon sign the emotional self, Mercury, the way one communicates/thinks and so forth. Traditionally, this spiritual work was done at the time of birth. Creating a community well equipped to raise the child. Feeling the pull from the ancestors, “Meet Their Chart” readings and “Meet Your Chart” workshop was created.


How it works:

  • Natal information is required: name (what they go by), their birthday date (mm/dd/yy), time of birth and birthplace.

  • The readings average 2 hours. Accompanied with PDF files.

  • We will discuss the fundamentals of the Elements, Modalities, Planets and the 12 Signs and Houses.

  • We will then “Meet Their Chart,” synergizing the fundamentals with their personal astrology.

 * currently readings are only done for newborns -12 years of age . If you are an adult seeking a reading please contact Musings


The exchange for Meet Their Chart is currently by donation with limited availability per month.

* Your Natal Chart is sacred information and should only be shared with people who display good character.